Refrigeration forms a vital part of supermarkets and other commercial businesses, which is why Auscool offers superior commercial refrigeration repair services to supermarkets across Perth.

Services We Offer

Owning a supermarket and having your refrigerators and freezer units breakdown can cause significant cost implications if left unrepaired for prolonged periods. Food spoils, and some, after it’s defrosted, can’t be refrozen due to health and safety implications. When this happens, you run the risk of losing significant amounts of stock, and, as a result, profit.

To prevent this, the specialist technicians at Auscool provide you with:

· Preventative Maintenance – Many of the problems that can occur in refrigeration units can be detected long before they cause the entire unit to pack up. Our technicians are trained to see and fix issues before they cause more significant problems and cost you more money to repair.

· Repairs – Whether you need replacement parts, or a new unit entirely, we do whatever it takes to get your systems up-and-running again while providing cost-effective solutions. Our team can repair anything from chillers to freezers, and refrigerators.

Reach Out to The Professionals

Supermarkets and commercial businesses throughout the region have been relying on the specialist services of Auscool since 2007. And because we’ve been in the industry for as long as we have, we’ve developed a wealth of invaluable knowledge and expertise.

Contact us and book in your commercial refrigeration repairs and maintenance with our team today.