If you run a deli, bakery, or supermarket, display fridges can help to show off your products in a temperature-controlled setting. Auscool provides all the confectionary display fridges you need and also offers a host of other solutions to displaying your products while cooling them at the same time.

How Can Auscool Help?

All the cooling solutions Auscool offers have been specifically designed to be eco-friendly and are also made from the highest quality components to ensure they last you for many years.

We offer a full range of services to make sure you get everything you need from us in order to keep your products from spoiling. Aside from stocking and supplying a wide range of products, we also conduct:

  • Installation – If after you’ve bought one of our products, you need professional assistance with installing it, our team is happy to assist. They have the technical knowledge required to complete a seamless installation without damaging your new investment or disrupting your business.
  • Maintenance & Repairs – After we’ve installed the solutions that we provide you with, we can discuss whether you’d like us to conduct regular maintenance. And, if need be, we can come through and repair anything that malfunctions or breaks.

Aside from the above, we offer a range of open display fridges that we can supply you with. We stock:

  • Cake Display Fridges
  • Deli Fridges
  • Fruit and Veg Display Fridges
  • Ice Cream Display Fridges
  • Multideck Display Fridges
  • Meat Display Fridges
  • Refrigerated Salad Bars

Contact the Best in the Business

Whether you need a single cheese fridge for your supermarket or a full-blown solution in the form of open display fridges, Auscool Services can assist you with what you need.

Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can assist you with our products.