Cool rooms play a vital role in supermarkets and restaurants. So, it’s safe to say that you’d want to invest in pieces of equipment that are of the highest quality, meet your needs, and are going to perform at their best for many years. Auscool Services provides all the equipment you need for cool rooms and more.


Your One-Stop Shop

Aside from stocking and supplying clients across Perth with cold room equipment, the professionals at Auscool Services provide the following services:


  • Installation – Installing cool room equipment requires technical knowledge that your staff might not possess. For this reason, Auscool will install any equipment we provide you with professionally and cost-effectively.


  • Maintenance & Repairs – Because your cool rooms are used daily, they need to perform at their best consistently to avoid breakdowns, which can cause loss of stock and impact your budget. We can provide regular maintenance to detect problems early and avoid spoilage. We also offer repairs for equipment that’s stopped working.

We have the products that restaurants, butcheries, hotels, and supermarkets require for:

  • Walk-in fridges
  • Meat processing rooms
  • Restaurant cold rooms

We Have What You Need

If you’re looking for walk-in fridges and cool room equipment that’s affordable and environmentally-friendly, Auscool has exactly the solution you’re looking for. Contact us to find out more about our cool rooms and the other services we make available to our customers.