If you’re looking for a team of capable commercial electrical contractors who can assist you with everything from electrical fit outs to wiring your industrial refrigerators and HVAC systems, Auscool can help.


We Are Commercial Electrical Contractors

We have a team of specialist maintenance electricians who can assist you with the repairs and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning units.


Our team can also provide you with:


  • Electrical Air Conditioning Services – When it comes to the electrical applications of commercial air conditioning systems, our team are the experts. After you’ve purchased one of our products, we’ll take care of the entire installation, including all the electrical work involved.


  • Electrical Refrigeration Services – Anyone tasked with installing commercial refrigeration systems needs to have a firm understanding of the electrical workings of the system they’re installing. The team at Auscool have the expertise required and are fully-certified with the Australian Refrigeration Council Trading Authorisation.


Reach Out to Our Electrical Contractors

Choosing to do business with Auscool Services grants you access to a team of professionals with a combined experience of over 15 years. We have the equipment, knowledge, and technical skills to provide you with reliable service from the moment you first pick up the phone until long after we’ve installed the systems you need.
Contact us today to make use of our team of industrial electrical contractors.