Auscool Services can help maintain the performance and reliability of your equipment, specializing in preventative maintenance and repairs for refrigeration and air-conditioning.

The fact that large-scale refrigeration systems are under constant pressure to perform makes them vulnerable to breakdowns. This can lead to serious problems as produce needs to stay cool at all times to remain fresh. Auscool believes in preventative care and successfully implements maintenance programs for various commercial clients in Perth. From upholding your system’s performance and reliability to on-site repairs in times of need, we’re here to help keep your refrigerators running.

As a specialist provider of commercial refrigeration outcomes, Auscool has the knowledge and experience to conduct all the electrical work associated with our installations and repairs. Gone are the days of outsourcing this to a third party and adding to your bills.

Call now for repairs to Supermarket display cabinets, cool rooms, under benches, super chillers or commercial fridges.

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