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As a member of the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd., Auscool Services is committed to reducing synthetic greenhouse gas and ozone depleting substance emissions.

We encourage energy efficiency and can advise on the best products to reduce your operation’s carbon footprint.

At Auscool Services, we take a total solutions approach to provide our customers with superior, environmentally friendly and energy efficient products.

Our experienced team will show you how to make the smart choice, with a range of quality equipment that is sure to deliver dependable performance and use less energy.

Auscool services use current state of the art building management systems such as Emerson and Danfoss commonly used as control systems in the larger supermarket chains. These systems can provide complete building control and offer excellent energy saving solutions.

Ask us about the new HGM Multi zone leak detection for your supermarket.

This product immediately identifies leaks and stops costly refrigerant bills !